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Welcome!   This site explores connections : between Art and technology;  between the hand and the machine; between fun and theory; between René Magritte and Buster Keaton ....

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What is Visual Culture?   Remember the old adage; "A picture's worth a thousand words"?  Well, how   do pictures replace words?  How do they come to mean what they mean?  How do they address us?  Who controls their meaning?  And why? 

Any image used to communicate ideas carries cultural 'baggage' - and that's what we want to unpack here ... 

This site is a place where students of Media, Film, Cultural Studies and History can start to address questions like, "Who does this image think you are?"

If you have anything you wish to add, contribute or challenge here,  please contact me, Norman Taylor, with ideas, opinions, articles etc.

Because it's not just the image:

In the beginning was the word!

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